woensdag 5 juni 2013


We live in an appartment for two, which is very standard,
the kitchen is very basic and not very pretty.
We used to sit in the living room all the time, while the stuff we love the most, 
is situated in the kitchen..

We wondered what to do, to make our kitchen more attractive
and easier to use..
Within a couple of minutes we came up with the idea of a bar..
and it worked!

Work in progress, want to see the result?


We bought quite a raw wood, we had to polish it and paint it 2 times...

It's hanging(and staying) on the wall! 

The finished bar with some racks, oils and wines...

A closer look

The healthy corner! 

We are VERY happy with our bar, we've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen since it's
been there and we will enjoy being in the kitchen A LOT more!

What do you think? And would you like to build something yourself?

Love M&C

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