zaterdag 8 juni 2013


The passed few weeks... well, it might also be a month or longer, 
we didn´t post a diary! We were, again, busy with work and school...
and as Mondays are our only days off together, we worked on our bar on those passed mondays!

After all, we took a LOT of pictures, so prepare
for our new, huge diary!

 A queensday picture to start with, all the guests receved a little lion with their coffee at C's work!

For the next 20(!!!) click through below!

M made these great passionfruit pies at work, and he took one home for C!

C and her mom both work in restaurants, and after a week full of serving people on the terrace,
they deserved to sit down on a terrace too!

In Arnhem, the largest town in our area, there's a tiny little bakery that sells 'Grofjes'. Little bread with raisins and other special ingredients. The bakery is also called 'Bakkerij van het Grofje'/'Grofjes Bakery'

After the first barbecue outside on the terrace, we had our first Beluga icecream. GREAT STUFF!

C made M a surprise dinner. This is her different way to serve asperagus soup!

2 coffees, 2 juices!

C's great shot on some raspberries

C's dessert at Culinair Concept after a day of sun and football matches with the girls...

M can be so proud of himself! He has a new job and this is what he usually serves.. How good does it look?!

Martini Royale with fresh orange juice...

C has an aunt, she loves food and she loves spoiling her visitors as you can see above.
Wow, what a birthday buffet!

This is to be continued...

Another dish M made at work!

As you might have read in a few posts before this one, we made our own bar, this was our first breakfast, so it had to be captured in a picture!

C had her friend Anne over for coffee and they enjoyed a little strawberry pie on the terrace

After a few busy days we needed some unhealthy food. Cheese spring rolls and the traditional 'Bitterbal'

Fastfood!? ;)

After building our bar, which was finished around 11 pm, we were pretty hungry so we had a very late night dinner!

A restaurant in the city has a new concept. Saturday and Sunday lunches, only €4,- for any sandwich!
Want to know more? Click here

We definetly saved the best for last. M took this great picture of the icecream machine at work..
How stunning can a machine look!

See you next time!


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