vrijdag 7 juni 2013


We eat risotto at least once a week, we have our own signature
dish, we actually never change it.. shame on us...

A few days ago we tried something new,
in the FoodWeLove box we got 2 weeks ago, we found a lot of
great risotto ingredients, and we used them in our last risotto!

Want to see the whole recipe in pictures?!
- Oil
- Onion
- Boullion(we used a boullion cube)
- Risotto(we used the 'Rolls Royce' of risotto rices, acuerello)
- Parmegiano (we used the one we got in our FoodWeLove box)
- Any vegetables(and meat or fish) you like
Cut your vegetables and cook them in boiling water 'till they're 'al dente'(to keep the Italian spirit up)

After your vegetables are done, you can use the same water to make your boullion

Fry your chopped onions in 3 tablespoons of olive oil

After your onions are yellow, you add the risotto rice. If you want you can add a sip of white wine..
Stir the rice around 'till every grain is looking 'shiny' from the oil...

Add a spoon of boullion(4 tablespoons)
Watch out! The first boullion will soak into the rice VERY quick, so be prepared to add another 4 tablespoons quickly..

After a while, the risotto will thicken, and you can add pepper and salt to your wish. You can go for a taste with a little spoon. Try the rice and decide weather it's ready to eat.
When you do NOT feel any hard grains anymore, and the rice is nice and soft, it will be done!

Now add your favourite vegetables and stirr around 'till they are warm again. 
Plate up your risotto and grate some of your Parmesan over it if you wish..

Please, try this at home!


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