dinsdag 29 januari 2013


Yesterday, while walking around town, we turned our heads when seeing these books..

Which books? 

These ones! 

Normally €15,- each, now €10,- for 2. 
There are 4 more.. so there is a slight chance that we're going back next week to get the rest!

Lots of <3 


I, Carlijn, REALLY like to bake. As we told you before, there's no oven in our kitchen..

So I had to come up with something else!
I took my babycake machine and how relaxing was this hour of baking!

The whole recipe is to find on the next page!

Start with ANY sort of cake mix, if you want you can add food color

I like to use a piping bag, to fill it, put it in a large can and fill it up with the cake mix!


Borrow or buy a cake pop machine

Fill the cups up with the cake mix, close the lid and wait for 5 minutes..

A little tip. When you start decorating the pops, take a stick and before putting it into the pop, put it in the warm chocolate so it wont fall off when dipping it in fully!

To decorate, I used pure chocolate and some candy!

When you want the cake pops to dry, you can buy a tray in almost any store.
I lost it and cutted some holes into an old shoe box!

x C(andM)

zondag 27 januari 2013


This COMPLETE week, M had a horrible fever.. 
Just like everyday. we had some fresh orange juice in the morning, but for some extra energy...

We did a little more! 
We bought some blood oranges, kiwi's and pinapple and mixed the orange juice up with
some of these extra fruits!

For mister fever, a green monster!
2 oranges
1 quarter of a pinapple(cut in parts)
1 kiwi(cut in parts)

Press the oranges and mix them up with the cutted fruit in a blender and you're ready!

For the lady, a pink one!
2 oranges
2 blood oranges
1 quarter of a pinapple(cut in parts)

Press all the oranges and mix them with the cutted pinapple in a blender!

A good start of the week isn't it! 


A week ago, we invited some friends over for dinner. We would take care of the food,
our guests would bring the wine...

We started off with some olives, crispy fish and some cheese and my favourite summer drink(yes, I'm aware of the fact that it's winter). 

The drink? Hugo! (I'll post the recipe any time possible)

After that, we went to the table..
The table!

Cranberry paté with toasted raisin/apple bread, compote of raisins and sirup 

A shot of lobster with foam of Licor 43 

 Duck with brussel sprouts, mousseline and a sauce of passion fruit

A little close up, how nice is that rosé duck 

This is a total C specialty.. with a little Jamie O.

Lots of L!


dinsdag 22 januari 2013


To show you what we do and eat during the day/week, we decided to keep a (food) diary for you!

This is our first one! Enjoy!

 Colorfull Nespresso cups!

We always have 3 or more of these bags of fresh tea, this one? Forest fruit.. 

We like to have a nice glass of fresh orange juice in the morning.. 

Guilty pleasure, eggs with truffel mayonnaise and ketchup(with a healthy glass and tea!) 

We invited some friends over for dinner, this is the table.. 

And the starter! Keep your eyes open for the whole 4-course dinner!


zondag 20 januari 2013


When looking at some pictures of Berlin, we realized that we didn't put that many food pictures online! 
To bring back some memories and give you some ideas, the food at Vapiano!

Tagiatelle with truffel, really, really nice! 

Pizza proscuito 



Wish we were there!


zaterdag 19 januari 2013


This one is REALLY nice!
A few weeks ago we discovered a very nice deal..

Michelin star restaurant De Librije and NS(Dutch Railways) made up this deal.. 
I can already tell you that the deal is only €62,- but for ALL the information, see the next page!

vrijdag 18 januari 2013


This week, I (as in Carlijn) had some things to do on my days off!
A lunch here, birthday there and also, there was my nose cold.

Wednesday night, after I had about 14 oranges, I went out for dinner with some of my colleagues!
It was at Strandlodge, a sister company of the place we work...

No discussion possible. We went for the 5 course surprise dinner and WOW, what a great choice!

Appetiser/Gamba with wasabi mayonnaise and guinea-fowl 

 A salad with lobster, lavas and raw ham

 Quinoa, yellow and red peppers, saffron and brill

Warm foie gras with a compote of red onion and mousse of chesnut 

Sirloin with lotus flower, sweet potato creme, 5 spices sauce 

Sabayon with apples, spongecake, caramel icecream, sweet snow and mousse of granny smith!
Between main course and dessert, I had the chance to pick up my love so he was able to have a dessert as well! 

Stars 1-5
Location: ***(if you don't know, you don't find)
Price/Quality: *****

Love M&C x


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maandag 14 januari 2013


Around Christmas, I got a gift. A voucher. WHAT to buy in a store that sells EVERYTHING?! Last year 
I got myself some clothes, books and food but now I wanted to share it with M. So we started thinking..

Glasses, plates, pans, books, interior things..

After a few days..(ahum.. hours) of thinking we sort of decided that we wanted to go for a Nespresso machine!

We did some research online and yesterday, while in Amsterdam, we waved the voucher goodbye and said HELLO! to our Nespresso machine!

Just a simple, classy, black macine. Accept from a kitchanaid and oven, our kitchen is quite complete now! Really Happy!


woensdag 9 januari 2013


Around a month ago we recieved an email from Misset Horeca telling us that Michelin Star cook
Niven Kunz was coming to Amsterdam to do a Pop Up restaurant! 

Hmmmm, interesting, check the dates.. KACING! from the 6th untill the 13th of January,
Location, Vlaamsch Broodhuys.

In that week, on Monday, we were going to Amsterdam anyway to go to a food and restaurant fair so this would be te perfect (temporary) restaurant for the evening! A day later we made the reservation and I can tell you.. NO REGRETS AT ALL.

It was GREAT! 10 courses.. curious?

See the next page for ALL the courses and a little look behind the scenes!

zondag 6 januari 2013


It's Sunday, and when I have nothing to do on Sundays, I like to bake!
At the moment there's no oven in my/our live(s)

If you DO have a oven and nothing to do today, please watch this video and bake madeleines like Rachel Khoo!

Love C!