vrijdag 21 juni 2013


A few days ago it was time again... the mailman came by to drop off our fourth
Food We Love box!

Man, do we love the food that comes in the boxes.
This month it was all abouth health, and as the summer is starting from today we 
like it A LOT.
The box usually holds 5 to 7 products, but this one was filled with 10(!!) items!
Let's see what's inside! 

 This months box with it's products!

Close up!

Let's zoom in to the really nice products. Some products are very upcoming now, so they are REALLY nice
to try before buy them yourselve! (Ofcourse you do pay some money, but you don't think of that when you open the box, it ALWAYS feels like recieving a gifts)

This is a Lovechock raw chocolat bar. We've been wanting to try this for some time so we were pretty exited about this one!

Peppersmith. Only for the box you want to buy it over and over again!
(Oh, AND the mints are made of natural products, so it's better for your teeth than chewing on rubber!)

This one is for M. C is allergic to nuts! A healthy and happy treat!

This one looks very delicious! 

Coconut oil to use while cooking and baking. It's fat, but healthy!

Fresh tea leafs!

Wheatgrass powder! C could not be happier. She always orders it at Bagels&Beans with some juice for an concentration and energy boost!

Quinoa. Very upcoming and used in a LOT of restaurants at the moment, nice to try this at home!

What can we say?! We're very exited to try the products in this box! 


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