woensdag 27 februari 2013


WOW! What a night!

2 months ago we decided to go to Villa Copera with our voucher.
C knows the chef(and his lovely daughter) but never went there before.. (shame on me)

Last Sunday, it was finally time!
To start! An orange liquor with cava and some bread from a local windmill

For the whole menu see the next page! Come on.. it's worth it!


Yesterday we had the night off together and decided to make our own hamburgers for dinner!
What you need:

For the burger
- Meat(minced)
- Onion
- Garlic
- Ketchup
- Soja
- Mustard

Cut onions as small as you can, do the same with garlic and put this in a large bowl.
Add the meat, a tablespoon of ketchup, teaspoon of mustard and a teaspoon of soja.
Mix together and try to get pieces of 90 gramms per burger. Shape as below...

Dress up time!
What you need:
- Any burger bun
- Mayo(we used truffel)
- Ketchup
- Crispy onions
- Bacon

Steps to follow...


We had them with fries and carrots.. How will yours be?!


vrijdag 22 februari 2013


Another week with a lot of food, drinks and a little jalousy...

Starter at dinner with C's mom and her boyfriend

C was invited to a High Tea with her friends.. 

And had to cook for herself..

How could C live without!?

  Cleaning the house!

C had some sort of a mom/daughter day. Went to the goats farm and look what they got!

Really jalous on all the family going on a skiing/snowboarding holiday!

M made C breakfast last week.. 

And today, C made M breakfast! A little pomegranate heart for 7 months of love!



Yesterday, Culy.nl uploaded an amazing video!
In this AMAZING video you´ll find how to do a perfect raspberry cake.

couldn´t upload the whole video, so here´s te picture.. see the link below for the full video!

It´s REALLY worth watching! 


dinsdag 19 februari 2013


Yesterday we wanted to have some bread with sauces and meat and spreads and something else..

That something was to be egg salad!
That might sound a bit nasty like mashed eggs(it actually is something like that) but it is MUCH better!

What you need?

- 4 eggs
- mayonnaise
- mustard
- 1 half onion
- peper&salt
Oh, and some bread to your own taste!

First boil 4 eggs at least 6 minutes so they will be hard enough to cut.
Than cut the eggs and half an onion in dices(eggs bigger than onion)
Mix the eggs and onions with 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and a teaspoon of mustard
Stirr and add peper&salt to your own taste
For extra spice add half a teaspoon of curry powder



donderdag 14 februari 2013


When we saw this funny video on Culy.nl there was no other option than share!

This is Beyonce her favourite sandwich, and who would not like to have a bite of a Queen B recipe!?

Will you try?!



When we give gifts, they are mostly involving food..

Yesterday, when M came home from work, he brought a surprise for C AGAIN!
"just a little v-day gift"

2 pairs of sushi sticks and something C was craving for since..well, forever, a honeystick!
And guess what?! Another good reason to have sushi in the near future.. I'm guessing Tuesday!

How was your valentines?


dinsdag 12 februari 2013


Today, when we walked in to the Nespresso corner, it was
unusually, orange!

Nespresso is now launching their new flavour, LINIZIO LUNGO, a grand cru.

This is the bright colored LINIZIO LUNGO cup. A rich coffee flavour with a 'nutty' after..



This week was full of school, work, love and food!
Want to know more about our week? Watch this!

As you (might) have seen, on Monday, M gave an AMAZING gift! 

 M was eating at work all week, JALOUS!?

A nice dinner together! Chicken with honey, sugar and a load of vegetables! 

C had some friends over, so she made dinner, risotto with asian beef... 

 C and her mom had a really great slice of home made apple pie @ Met Liefde

Dinner for one 

M started the day with some..(4) cups of coffee 

Our Nespresso cups needed a refill, so we went to Bijenkorf, and ofcourse, tried out some new flavours 

Breakfast or dessert.. 

Cava to celebrate Sunday 

Risotto again, but now truffel, mushrooms, asparagus and sirloin! 

Colorfull Nespresso cups

C heaving a treat while studying..

How was YOUR week?


donderdag 7 februari 2013


On Monday, I came home to find a really really really really great gift!

WHAT a great gift! The book contains great recipes, pictures and best of all, the funniest quotes and pretty shoes(starting with Louboutins on the cover)

As this post is a little girly, you might already expect that this is a big shoutout to the best boyfriend in the world!

X C!

dinsdag 5 februari 2013


This week was BUSY, C went to school(first week), M was working..

New cups to drink Nespresso from

This mornings breakfast.. hmm

C had to do some excursions, this was served with coffee on 1 of the trips

Deer with dutch vegetables on Saturday

In front of the TV, best of the best from the local market

C taking a bath, and without food and (food)magazines it's so boring..

Lunch @ school for C!

C travels 3 hours to go from home to school, so she presses a nice bottle of juice every evening!

Love M&C!