zaterdag 30 maart 2013


After a few really busy weeks(but with food and drinks ofcourse) we have got a VERY full
food diary for you!

Let's start!

Busy times, so we chose to pick up some sushi! Really nice to finally use the new sushi sticks, that C got on VDAY 

C at school, wine tastings every week.. 

M made some sushi at work, but different! 

A little memory, Librije three weeks ago

And here's M again, really creative at work, homemade paté..

A nice piece of chocolate cake at C's aunt

Bar moscOw just opened in town, we had to go see!

C always brings fresh juice and yoghurt with superfruits to school, little bit of help to focus

A REALLY nice brownie while doing some homework for C

Finally! Some time to have breakfast together

Champagne in the morning

M at work, loads of spices (L)

M made some pumpkinsoup..

We went to M's BFF, while M&E were playing xbox, C did some cookies!

First look into our first 'foodbox' from FoodWeLove.
The whole box? See last weeks post!

When we left at C's mom, she gave us a nice dry sausage. M LOVES!

Ohhhh finally MACARONS! We went to Amsterdam and by the next day the whole box was empty already. Time to go back!

donderdag 21 maart 2013


This week we discovered a really cool new idea in foodland
(well, we guess it is quite new since they only started this december and we've never seen it before!)

FoodWeLove is a box. A box full of surprises!
The philosofy behind it:
When you know where food comes from, it tastes better and gives a great experience!

Every month you'll get 5-7 products in a box, you don't know what's in there, that is the surprise! But you do know that it contains products of the best quality and with a great story behind it.
Almost everything looks great and comes in full size, no sample sizes at all, and if there's
something in the box you don't like.. it wil make a great gift!

We immediatly signed up and guess what?! The box is already in!
C is actually jumping around the room!


dinsdag 19 maart 2013


Yesterday when M saw some almost brown bananas, milk
and some raspberry icecream an idea came up..

Let's do milkshakes!

When C arrived home from school, there were 2 perfect shakes waiting in the kitchen..

maandag 18 maart 2013


Last week it was finally time!

After two months of waiting the day was there! 
Last Sunday, we left home around 9 to pick up Maarten and Joris and continued our trip to Zwolle!

We found the classy, monumental former woman prison building, now Librijes Hotel. In there, we got seats in Librijes Zusje, a funky looking restaurant. Red, yellow, gold, black and tiger prints everywhere, but still very very classy.


 Librijes Hotel

zaterdag 16 maart 2013


Accept for M, C is also in love(love? yes. she would even drive to paris to get Ladurée!)
So we couldn't hide this great festive day for you!

The 20th of March will be...

In Holland, the best come fro Poptasi in Amsterdam and they will celebrate all week, because they are also celebrating their first aniversary! Go to Gerard Doustraat in Amsterdam and get your macarons. (The party lastst untill the 23rd of March) We will be there the 22nd!

Happy 1st to Poptasi!

x M&C

zondag 10 maart 2013


In about 11,5 hours we will be seated @ Librijes zusje!

Stay tuned!


woensdag 6 maart 2013


As you all know, we run this blog together, but online, there's MUCH more to find about food
(as in eye candy, picuteres and so on) for woman..

Like cupcakes, baking, foodvideo's.. mostly with a golden, pink or other girly colors.

AND THEN, posted 2 websites with manly pictures. Also GREAT to watch for a woman(well, C loved it, also choose some photos to put on the walls).

Ok, let's take some breaths away! Have fun!

HOW great does this look?!

X M&C!