vrijdag 18 januari 2013


This week, I (as in Carlijn) had some things to do on my days off!
A lunch here, birthday there and also, there was my nose cold.

Wednesday night, after I had about 14 oranges, I went out for dinner with some of my colleagues!
It was at Strandlodge, a sister company of the place we work...

No discussion possible. We went for the 5 course surprise dinner and WOW, what a great choice!

Appetiser/Gamba with wasabi mayonnaise and guinea-fowl 

 A salad with lobster, lavas and raw ham

 Quinoa, yellow and red peppers, saffron and brill

Warm foie gras with a compote of red onion and mousse of chesnut 

Sirloin with lotus flower, sweet potato creme, 5 spices sauce 

Sabayon with apples, spongecake, caramel icecream, sweet snow and mousse of granny smith!
Between main course and dessert, I had the chance to pick up my love so he was able to have a dessert as well! 

Stars 1-5
Location: ***(if you don't know, you don't find)
Price/Quality: *****

Love M&C x

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