dinsdag 29 januari 2013


I, Carlijn, REALLY like to bake. As we told you before, there's no oven in our kitchen..

So I had to come up with something else!
I took my babycake machine and how relaxing was this hour of baking!

The whole recipe is to find on the next page!

Start with ANY sort of cake mix, if you want you can add food color

I like to use a piping bag, to fill it, put it in a large can and fill it up with the cake mix!


Borrow or buy a cake pop machine

Fill the cups up with the cake mix, close the lid and wait for 5 minutes..

A little tip. When you start decorating the pops, take a stick and before putting it into the pop, put it in the warm chocolate so it wont fall off when dipping it in fully!

To decorate, I used pure chocolate and some candy!

When you want the cake pops to dry, you can buy a tray in almost any store.
I lost it and cutted some holes into an old shoe box!

x C(andM)

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