woensdag 9 januari 2013


Around a month ago we recieved an email from Misset Horeca telling us that Michelin Star cook
Niven Kunz was coming to Amsterdam to do a Pop Up restaurant! 

Hmmmm, interesting, check the dates.. KACING! from the 6th untill the 13th of January,
Location, Vlaamsch Broodhuys.

In that week, on Monday, we were going to Amsterdam anyway to go to a food and restaurant fair so this would be te perfect (temporary) restaurant for the evening! A day later we made the reservation and I can tell you.. NO REGRETS AT ALL.

It was GREAT! 10 courses.. curious?

See the next page for ALL the courses and a little look behind the scenes!


 Poched eggs with bearnaise and qunoa

Niven burger

 Oysters with red cabbage

 Beetroots with horseradish

Haricot Carbonara 


2 times onion with winter truffel 

Cauliflower with stew 

Bread by Vlaamsch Broodhuys 


Niven himself 

Chefs busy for cheese platters 

White chocolat, meringue and a sorbet of lime 

Last but not least, with coffee/tea, madeleines, cake, chocolat, coffee and meringue.

As if this all was not enough, we got a goodybag at the end of the evening, a bread and some marmelade so the taste of the evening would come back the next morning!

What a great night, with amazing food, drinks and a lot of talking and cozyness!

Love M&C

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