zondag 12 mei 2013


A few weeks ago we went to Strandlodge. No reservations, no plannings, we were sitting 
around in the appartment and diceded, LETS GO!
Down in the restaurant, we found out it was our 9 month anniversary!
Wanna see what was on the menu?
Bubbles to start off!

Traditonal dutch 'draadjesvlees', a gamba and tuna with quinoa

Lasagne of crab with tartare of tuna

Salmon with foam of saffron and a sesame cookie

Soup of asperagus

Since asperagus season started, another dish with asperagus! 
This time with lamb and another dutch dish; ; sukade

Fruity tart of peach and passion, gel of grapefruit, apple icecream, blood orange and 
THE GREATEST caramel candy balls!

It was a great night with a great food!
You can also find SLWW/Strandlodge in our favourites list!


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