maandag 27 mei 2013


Last week it was time for our 3rd FoodWeLove box!
We're still very, very, very exited from the 15th 'till the box finally reaches us!

This time, the box was all about Italy..
Wanna see what's inside?!

Watch more on the next one!

The VERY nice Italian box was filled with 
- Risotto rice(we have not tried yet, but 'they' say it's the best you can get!
- Dried portabello's
- Boullion
- Amaretti's! (L)
- Bizar Basil(to grow your own plant! So cool!)
- Parmezan 

We still LOVE the box and the surprising effect is the best.
They won't let you down, so get your own HERE!

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