donderdag 2 mei 2013


A few weeks ago, it was C her birthday, her gift was a 
ticket to THE Jean Paul Gaultier exposition, and since we were in Rotterdam for that, the second gift came up! M treated C on a dinner at Las Palmas because she just LOVES 'Herrie', as she calles him.

So, we were in Rotterdam all day, shopping, watching, lunching and at night, we parked our car nearby and walked along the river that leads to the harbors of Rotterdam

KKKRRK, back to the 'Herrie' story!
We arrived(after walking around the building, called Las Palmas as well, we were a little confused.)in a HUGE restaurant, situated a little nasty, behind a fridge, but anyhow, it was about the food, wasn't it?!

Lets go to the menu!
The first course...

A poached egg with bearnaise, ricotta and bacon
(we would have added a little more 'crisp' or 'bite', but the taste was GREAT! 

Cod with sea lavender, beurre blanc and pesto.
Please notice the cool Las Palmas brand on every plate. pretty

Lamb, asperagus, and a sauce of rosemary..

VERY nice! Raspberry icecream, warm chocolate tart, marinated pinapple and some vanilla..

Over all it was a great night, with great food, the only, little tip is not to place people behinde fridges, but hey, C had a great view only looking at M. ;)


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben daar een aantal jaar geleden eens geweest, heb er super gegeten en wil altijd nog eens terug om de grote mixed seafood platter te eten (met kreeft, king crab etc). Enige jammere: het plekje waar wij zaten was een rij piepkleine tafeltjes heel dicht op elkaar, letterlijk bij de buren aan tafel haha

    1. Ja wij zaten ook een beetje ongelukkig achter een wijnkast, maar dat seafood platter hadden 'de buren' die is de volgende keer SOWIESO ook voor ons!