dinsdag 28 mei 2013


Last night, C was eating alone and was feeling for something
green and white.

And because it was VERY good, she wants to share the recipe...

What you need?

- Green asperagus
- Courgette
- Mushrooms(any sort you like)
- Paksoi
- Teriyaki (I like honey and garlic) or soy sauce
- Goats cheese
- Honey(C chose the Lindenhoning we got out of our April FoodWeLove box)
- Gas burner

Our favourite!

Cut the vegetables and bake them on a high fire. Do this 'till they're browning.
Add 1,5 tablespoon of teriyaki or soy sauce and bake them a little longer( I would say 2 minutes)
Than lay the vegetables on a plate.

Next up is the goatscheese. Get any sort you like. The same for the honey!
C used the honey we got in our 2nd FoodWeLove box! 

Put some honey on the goatscheese and burn it with a gas burner or gratinate in the oven.
Lay the goatscheese on to the vegetables!

Wondering why there's no 'final' picture of the dish? C was too hungry and started
the dish before she realized she did not take a picture yet! SORRY!

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