dinsdag 12 februari 2013


This week was full of school, work, love and food!
Want to know more about our week? Watch this!

As you (might) have seen, on Monday, M gave an AMAZING gift! 

 M was eating at work all week, JALOUS!?

A nice dinner together! Chicken with honey, sugar and a load of vegetables! 

C had some friends over, so she made dinner, risotto with asian beef... 

 C and her mom had a really great slice of home made apple pie @ Met Liefde

Dinner for one 

M started the day with some..(4) cups of coffee 

Our Nespresso cups needed a refill, so we went to Bijenkorf, and ofcourse, tried out some new flavours 

Breakfast or dessert.. 

Cava to celebrate Sunday 

Risotto again, but now truffel, mushrooms, asparagus and sirloin! 

Colorfull Nespresso cups

C heaving a treat while studying..

How was YOUR week?


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