woensdag 27 februari 2013


WOW! What a night!

2 months ago we decided to go to Villa Copera with our voucher.
C knows the chef(and his lovely daughter) but never went there before.. (shame on me)

Last Sunday, it was finally time!
To start! An orange liquor with cava and some bread from a local windmill

For the whole menu see the next page! Come on.. it's worth it!

Salmon, mousse of mackrel and couscous

 Soup of cepes with mushroom ravioli

Porkcheek, mushrooms, green veggies and parsnip

Tea of mandarin, mandarin parts, mandarin sorbet and an almond cookie

Annnnnd with the coffee.. C took the macarons before M even had a look..

It was a great night in a great restaurant. Chef Toine Smulders cooks acutally IN the restaurant, we had the best table possible, in front of the kitchen, so we were able to follow everything..

Stars 1-5
Location: ****(a little hard to find, but a great spot along the water)

Well, after this night, we can stripe the first restaurant off our list!
For the whole list see our wishlist on the homepage!

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