vrijdag 7 december 2012


A few weeks, we went to Amsterdam to see The Netherlands-Germany game and ofcourse
we had to eat something during the day!

We started at the Heineken Xtra Cold bar.
My mum gave me a giftbox to go to a bar by choice, and so we did!

Our welcome cocktails @ Heineken Xtra Cold

Around 5 we became hungry again(earlier, but I'll keep that a secret) and we found a little street FILLED with restaurants. Everything was opening after 6, so we decided to have a coffee and come back at that restaurant that looked really nice later.

A little after six we took a seat at Deksels! and after a look at the menu we dicided to have have a few starters, pasta, bread, a meat platter and risotto..
Everything was really nice, altought the risotto was a little flowery(I remember hearing a little *piiiing!*) but it was allright after all!

We had a nice glass of wine with it and after dinner Mario had a coffee and I had a nice piece of lemonpie, which was really, really nice!

Stars 1-5
Location: *****
When visiting Amsterdam, Deksels! is a nice place to have a full dinner for a sweet and soft price!


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