zaterdag 30 maart 2013


After a few really busy weeks(but with food and drinks ofcourse) we have got a VERY full
food diary for you!

Let's start!

Busy times, so we chose to pick up some sushi! Really nice to finally use the new sushi sticks, that C got on VDAY 

C at school, wine tastings every week.. 

M made some sushi at work, but different! 

A little memory, Librije three weeks ago

And here's M again, really creative at work, homemade paté..

A nice piece of chocolate cake at C's aunt

Bar moscOw just opened in town, we had to go see!

C always brings fresh juice and yoghurt with superfruits to school, little bit of help to focus

A REALLY nice brownie while doing some homework for C

Finally! Some time to have breakfast together

Champagne in the morning

M at work, loads of spices (L)

M made some pumpkinsoup..

We went to M's BFF, while M&E were playing xbox, C did some cookies!

First look into our first 'foodbox' from FoodWeLove.
The whole box? See last weeks post!

When we left at C's mom, she gave us a nice dry sausage. M LOVES!

Ohhhh finally MACARONS! We went to Amsterdam and by the next day the whole box was empty already. Time to go back!

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